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New Dark Knight Rises TV Spot!

Last night MTV debuted some new footage from THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, and another TV spot.

As we approach the release date, Warner Bros are turning the excitement factor up to 11, and the last few weeks has seen a bat shit-load of posters, teasers, and such the like.With AVENGERS ASSEMBLE and PROMETHEUS out of the way, Christopher Nolan’s Batman three-quel is officially the most-anticipated blockbuster of 2012. And since Nolan has put a foot wrong in his career yet, let’s assume it will absolutely effing awesome.

Check out the brand new TV spot below!

To see the additional footage debuted on MTV, check its website here.

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is released in UK cinemas 20th July.

Source: Warner Bros

Tom Fordy is a writer and journalist. Originally from Bristol, he now lives in London. He is a former editor of The Hollywood News and Loaded magazine. He also contributes regularly to The Telegraph, Esquire Weekly and numerous others. Follow him @thetomfordy.

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