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HBO’s ‘Girls’ Has Laughs, Hard-to-Google Title

In the wake of years and years of incredible success, Judd Apatow is returning to TV as the co-executive producer of GIRLS, an upcoming HBO sitcom created by indie film maker Lena Dunham. The show, in which Dunham also stars, revolves around four young women in New York, trying to make sense of the big city and the wacky challenges it presents. For those who think Apatow does TV better than he does film, this will be an exciting proposition.

Dunham got her break through TINY FURNITURE, a low budget film she wrote, directed and starred in. The film won a couple of nice awards and fell into the lap of comedy overlord Apatow, who by this point basically has the sway to do whatever he wants. Though the premise hardly sounds groundbreaking, the trailer does a good job of selling the show through some genuine laughs and a fun selection of fairly familiar faces (one of Peggy’s progressive pals from MAD MEN, Chris O’Dowd from most recent comedy films). HBO’s comedies have a tendency to be somewhat male led (EASTBOUND AND DOWN, and to a much, much greater extent ENTOURAGE), so GIRLS seems like a nice change of pace, as well as an excuse for lazy critics to make the dogshit observation that “women can be funny too!”, and probably compare it to BRIDESMAIDS again and again and again.

The trailer is here, look:

GIRLS premieres on the fifteenth of April.

Source: Collider

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1 Comment

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