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Warner Bros. Makes New Four Movie First Look Deal With The Hangover Helmer Todd Phillips

Following a huge run of success with him after the releases of THE HANGOVER, DUE DATE and THE HANGOVER PART II, Warner Bros. have ‘re-upped’ their partnership with writer/ director Todd Phillips. Deadline report the news that the studio renegotiated the deal after Phillips’ last three aforementioned movies grossed over $1.2 billion at the box-office.

The Deadline blog says that the new four picture first look deal will see Phillips on the Burbank lot until 2013. Deadline says that a bunch of projects that Phillips’ production company are developing include MULE, an adaptation of the novel of the same name about a young couple that turns to drug trafficking to scratch a living during the recession. There’s also ARMS AND THE DUDES,  a potential flick based on a Rolling Stone article that ‘chronicled the unlikely rise of two stoners in Miami Beach who became big-time arms dealers, and suddenly had it all taken away by the Pentagon.’ Green Hat also have the unknown script from DUE DATE scripter Adam Sztykiel called THE ISLAND and also MILLION DOLLAR STRONG, a comedy based on the YouTube and FunnyOrDie web shorts by Mike O’Connell and Ken Jeong.

Phillips is currently working on a third movie in THE HANGOVER series, and he also has micro-budgeted PROJECT X, which he produced, out next month.

He’s come a long way since STARSKY AND HUTCH, his first film for the studio, all of the way back in 2004.

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