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Frank Langella In Clip From Fascinating ‘Robot And Frank’

Sundance is always a stimulating time of year for film and a rather distinctive project has been rippling the film shoreline that stars Frank Langella…and a robot. Set in the near future, ROBOT AND FRANK is styled as a very different buddy movie about an elderly ex-jewel thief and a robot that has been sent by his concerned siblings to look after his health and general welfare.  ROBOT AND FRANK is the debut feature by writer Christopher D. Ford and director Jake Schreier. There are exciting times ahead as last week, it was acquired by Sony Pictures Worldwide and Samuel Goldwyn Films.

Frank Langella said that his relationship with the film began when he picked up the screenplay: “Every part I choose is me in some form. I trust what happens to me when I open a script and start reading. Some scripts are so vulgar and stupid I stop after five or 10 pages.” and he also had this to say about the filming: “In a very strange way, it was a remarkable experience. I had a very personal relationship with the robot in my head, it was very real to me, and nothing else mattered.”

Although there is no set release date at this stage, here’s a small preview:

As this has the legendary Frank Langella in it, let us hope – for his sake – this robot doesn’t have the literal attitude of Blinky.

ROBOT AND FRANK also stars James Marsden, Liv Tyler, Susan Sarandon and Peter Sarsgaard as the voice of the aforementioned robot. We wait with intrigue for future news…

Sources: Wired // KansasCityStar

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