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Karl Urban Pleases Fans By Not Showing His Face

Total Film recently interviewed Karl Urban who is playing Judge Dredd in the new re-imagining, DREDD, due out next year. The actor had this to say;

If anyone is familiar with Dredd, over the years there are many times when he removes his helmet but you never fully see his face,” said Urban. “This was a construct by the creators because he represents a faceless system of justice and law.

I say this hypothetically. If I went to a movie called ‘Judge Dredd’ and the lead actor at one point took of his helmet so we could see his full face, I would just puke in my popcorn because that’s not Dredd. He is mysterious and enigmatic. We’re doing it right. It’s gonna be harder, grittier and above all faithful to the comic. It’s gonna kick ass.

Now why is the above quote relevant? Well it’s all because of the huge flop and universal embarrassment that was 1995’s JUDGE DREDD, starring Sylvester Stallone. Not only was it an issue that Dredd’s face was revealed in the movie, but that the character hardly wore his helmet at all. It my seem like a minor detail but the helmet and anonymity it brings is an integral part of the comic’s version of Dredd. So Urban’s comments should reassure fans and everyone else as it means the original source material is being taken seriously.

DREDD arrives in cinemas September 2012

Paul finished is BA in Film & Broadcast Productions during the summer and has somehow landed the position of Media & Marketing Manager in the London Korean Film Festival happening this November (plug). While at University Paul found his speciality lay in Script Development, scriptwriting and Editing. He has written, edited and director a small number of not very good short films but does not let that dissuade him from powering through. After the Koreans are through with him he looks to enter the paid world of Script Development. He likes incredibly bad horror films, East Asian movies, comics and lots of other stuff.

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