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More Man Of Steel set pics with Faora

Courtesy of the SUPERMAN: MAN OF STEEL Facebook page there are a number of new set pics from what looks like a showdown between the Man Of Steel and his fellow Kryptonians.

The images aren’t the best in quality but does show what looks like Michael Shannon (MY SON MY SON WHAT HAVE YE DONE), who plays General Zod, in a motion capture suit. This looks to confirm various other website reports that Zod’s suit is going to be CGI’d, why? Only Zack Synder knows. Also the images give us a first look at what may be Faora, Zod’s right hand woman.

So what do we learn from these images? Well a couple of things; Zod’s suit is going to be CGI for some of the film, a big fight happens in Smallville whether this is their first or final encounter I don’t know but does fit with the various stills of messed up houses that have leaked. Finally Superman is far bulkier than expected.

So far the images outside of the promotional still of Superman hasn’t wow’d me so hopefully there’s some new images of Michael Shannon or designs coming out soon.

These are just the cherry picked stills with a couple of others of broken trucks being released so head over to the MAN OF STEEL Facebook page for more.

Paul finished is BA in Film & Broadcast Productions during the summer and has somehow landed the position of Media & Marketing Manager in the London Korean Film Festival happening this November (plug). While at University Paul found his speciality lay in Script Development, scriptwriting and Editing. He has written, edited and director a small number of not very good short films but does not let that dissuade him from powering through. After the Koreans are through with him he looks to enter the paid world of Script Development. He likes incredibly bad horror films, East Asian movies, comics and lots of other stuff.

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