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Gerard Depardieu to star in LIFE OF PI

Last month, The Hollywood News reported that BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN director Ang Lee had announced shooting plans for LIFE OF PI. After many years of script re-writes and financial stalling, the film is finally in production. Things have gotten even tastier with this project now that Gerard Depardieu has been added to the cast. Until now, only leading man and newcomer Surej Sharma had been confirmed. Depardieu is set to play the role of the chef, a reasonably macabre character who is essential to the plot. Sadly, to explain Depardieu’s character in synopsis would result in some serious spoiler action for those who haven’t read the book. Lets just say, if its done right, you’ll be so consumed by the story, Obelix won’t even spring to mind when Depardieu hulks onto the screen. Irrfan Khan (SLUMDOG MILLIONARE) will be playing the protagonist Pi as an adult. Bollywood starlet Tabu (CHANDNI BAR, THE NAMESAKE) is rumored to be in talks to play Pi’s mother, another pivotal role.

Adapting this surreal story is a big ask but judging by the casting, it seems to be on the right path at last. I have faith in thee Lee!Lets just hope he goes easy on the 3D…

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