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Zemeckis not heading down the yellow brick road

Deadline announced that the remake of the 1939 film WIZARD OF OZ, using the original script, was to be directed by Robert Zemeckis.  But apparently they got ahead of themselves as, as of yet no one is attached to the project.   His people denied with Zemeckis only having a brief talk with Warners exces.  Instead he is sticking to his YELLOW SUBMARINE project starting filming next year.

Even though Zemeckis is a great director with films like the BACK TO THE FUTURE trilogy and FORREST GUMP under his belt I still don’t want to see him having any creative control on this project.  The trouble with the director now is his obsession with Motion Capture animation and implying it to every feature that comes his way.  Even though I don’t think you can improve the classic original film I would rather it wasn’t remade as Motion Capture.

But if Warners really want to make this film they have to have a visually strong director such as Neil Jordan or someone similar that can really add something new to the film.

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