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Trailers Released For Two New Uwe Boll Movies

Last month we brought news of the next Uwe (the director that everyone loves to hate) Boll film, the hideously titled, Blubberella. Thinking that would be the end of it and that hopefully it would get lost in a sea of far better movies, we happily forgot and moved on to bigger things.

Unfortunately it’s back on our screens, this time with a trailer that runs for over 2 minutes.

Whilst the trailer was, beyond even my own beliefs, moderately smirk-inducing, I’m still less than convinced that this will make a good movie. Although, to give it a little bit of unheard of positivity, the lead actress actually seems quite watchable.

The little bit of plot we can gather is that Blubberella, or the “caged rhino who hasn’t been fed in weeks” (a film quote, not ours) is the first fat female superhero who’s ready to kick ass, and by the looks of things, that’s Nazi ass.

And guess what? That’s not the only Uwe Boll movie trailer to come into existence today. He’s brought out one for BLOOD RAYNE 3: THE THIRD REICH too.  A film with a plot that revolves around vampires, and urm, yep, more Nazis being kicked up the jacksy.

After checking them both out, you may notice the actors and sets are exactly the same. Looks like Boll wanted to keep back some euro coins just in case the films flop. Wise man… Hopefully the cult followers will help tide him over.

Watch both trailers below and tell us what you think of both. Which is less unpleasing to the eye? Or do you love them all the same?

Source: Worst Previews

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