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The Great British Saving Drive Strikes Again

The Conservative/Lib Dem government has done it again with what must be the greatest economic drive the world has ever since.  They continue to slash budgets every which way with no one seeming safe.  The newest casualty is the British Film Institute.

The news comes at a surprising time for the BFI while they’re in the middle of one of their biggest and successful film festivals in the world and receiving numerous acclaim with the latest slew of films they have recently funded  with NEVER LET GO and THE KINGS SPEECH, both looking to be strong Oscar contenders.

It looks to be a trying time for the British film industry which has been going through an incredible boom in recent memory with many British high quality films being produced than ever before as well as the attracting major motion pictures such as THE DARK KNIGHT and the HARRY POTTER franchise.

With the UK Film Council is going through a de-commissioning at the moment it was expect that there would be an increase in the BFI’s funding as it is the only other government film funded company, not a 15% cut in its budget.  The BFI seems to be taking the cuts in good grace with the BFI Director, Amanda Nevill announced that they are going everything they can to protect their staff  “Over recent months we have carefully been looking at the best options to protect our staff and all key activities, but the reality is that the BFI will have to change shape and re-scale considerably over the next 12-18 months.”

But it is unknown what sort of impact this will have on the British film industry in the long run especially with budgets being cut left, right and centre, including the BBC’s licences fees being frozen and the Art’s council suffering a 30% cuts.

Paul finished is BA in Film & Broadcast Productions during the summer and has somehow landed the position of Media & Marketing Manager in the London Korean Film Festival happening this November (plug). While at University Paul found his speciality lay in Script Development, scriptwriting and Editing. He has written, edited and director a small number of not very good short films but does not let that dissuade him from powering through. After the Koreans are through with him he looks to enter the paid world of Script Development. He likes incredibly bad horror films, East Asian movies, comics and lots of other stuff.

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