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Emma Stone to be offered the role of Mary Jane in new Spider-Man?

We are hearing through the Internet grapevine that Zombieland star Emma Stone has been offered the lucrative part of Mary Jane Watson in the coming Spider-Man reboot over at Sony. The film, directed by (500) Days Of Summer helmer Marc Webb is going before the camera very soon with The Social Network star Andrew Garfield playing the webbed one and his alter ego Peter Parker.

Deadline are reporting the news that Stone, who has most recently been seen in Easy A, is being offered the part in the next couple of days. Sources close to the project are said to have (unofficially) confirmed the news. Easy A is still earning some good green at the box-office, it’s tally now around the $35 million mark domestically since its release.

An officially announcement is expected soon. We’ll bring you then news as it breaks.

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