Meet The Team

Paul Heath

Founder, CEO

Twitter: @paulthomasheath

‘You can teach them to type, but you can’t teach them to grow tits.’

From: Gloucester

Going: To Heaven

Crowning achievement: Once danced with Christina Aguilera in a Birmingham nightclub

Favourite movies: Road House, Star Wars, Back To The Future

Least favourite movies: Anything complicated

Thinks he looks like: Robbie Williams

Actually looks like: Dom Joly


Dan Bullock THNDan Bullock


Twitter: @danbullock

‘If you really wanted to screw me up, you should have got to me earlier.’

From: Devon

Going: Once, going twice…

Crowning achievement: Getting drunk with Stephen Graham and building a cheese moon.

Favourite movies: Jurassic Park, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Good Will Hunting, Roxanne, High Fidelity, Super 8.

Least favourite movies: The ones that pretend to have interconnecting stories but, in truth, are just rubbish.

Thinks he looks like: Neil Patrick Harris or Alexander Armstrong

Actually looks like: A lovechild of the two


THN Emma Thrower

Emma Thrower

Reviews Editor

Twitter: @iamnotwaynegale

From: Chichester

Going: To Hobbiton if I don’t grow beyond 5′

Crowning achievement: Staying relatively relaxed in the presence of Mr. Spielberg

Favourite movies: Fight Club, Back To The Future, The Lord Of The Rings

Least Favourite movies: Anything with a distinct lack of Michael Fassbender

Thinks she looks like: Michelle ‘Lady Mary’ Dockery

Actually looks like: Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tom from McFly’s lovechild


Jazmine Sky Bradley

Assistant Editor

Twitter: @JazmineSky

From: Southend-On-Sea

Going: To anywhere but Southend-On-Sea

Crowning achievement: Not losing it when she met Cillian Murphy

Favourite movies: Blue Valentine, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Toy Story 2

Least favourite movies: Anything shown at university

Thinks she looks like: Anne Hathaway with short hair

Actually looks like: Shit


BioPicKat Smith

News, Reviews, Features

Twitter: @GizmoShikari

‘’Come with me if you want to live.’

From: The land of Robin Hood, Nottingham, currently resides in the sometimes sunny Basildon.

Going: to become a creature from The Descent, if I don’t leave my basement dwelling job soon.

Crowning achievment: Meeting director Rian Johnson at a Q + A and having him remember me from the twitterverse.

Favourite movies: The Terminator, Aliens, Looper, The Crow, Labyrinth, Gremlins 2 and True Romance.

Least favourite movies: Anything too sweet, I like my films dark.

Thinks she looks like: Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton)

Actually looks like: Sarah Connor (she could be my mum)



Luke Ryan Baldock

Home Entertainment Editor

Twitter: @lukeryanbaldock

‘There’s always one fuckhead like you trying to shit in the apple pie. Well you just shat in the one apple pie that knows how to shit back.’

From: Ipswich

Taken: To Isengard

Crowning achievment: Standing next to the Godzilla statue at Toho Studios whilst wearing a King Kong T-Shirt

Favourite movies: Seven Samurai, Mona Lisa, Godzilla, In Bruges, The Blair Witch Project, Amelie

Least favourite movies: We Need To Talk About Kevin, Cars 2, Mission Impossible 2, Gummo


Claire HuxhamClaire Joanne Huxham

News, Reviews, Features

Twitter: @ClaireHuxham

‘Good lord – I’ve heard about this- cat juggling!’

From: Despite saying Bristol to look “hip”, it’s actually Weston-super-Mare

Going: To Starfleet Academy

Crowning achievement: Once stood behind Brian May at a gig

Favourite movies: Blade Runner, Aliens, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Favourite TV: Buffy, Battlestar Galactica, ST: TNG, DS9, VGER

Thinks she looks like: Xena

Actually looks like: Daria


John Sharp

News, Reviews, Features

Twitter: @SpeckyKweer

‘Because that’s what I am.’

From: Originally hailing from Hounslow, currently residing in Twickenham. Still West London, newly a ponce.

Going: I’ve already been, thanks.

Crowning achievment: Did a skydive for charity, The Albert Kennedy Trust in particular. Have a butchers here.


lucycavethnLucy Cave

Theatre, Television, Reviews

Twitter: @lucyctweets

‘You can tell Rolling Stone magazine that my last words were…I’m on drugs!’

From: London

Going: …loco down in Acapulco

Crowning achievement: When Thor 2 stopped filming so I could make my way to a University lesson I was late for.

Favourite movies: Hedwig And The Angry Inch, Almost Famous, My Own Private Idaho

Least favourite movies: All movies are good, even the shitty ones.

Thinks she looks like: Angelina Jolie

Actually looks like: Sloth from The Goonies (Heeeeeey you guys!)


Meet ThorVictoria Bull

Theatre, Television, Reviews

Twitter: @chafferty

“I gave her my heart and she gave me a pen”

From: Kentish Town (via suburban zone 5)

Going: To travel the world someday

Crowning achievement: Making Olivia Coleman and Robert Webb coffee during work experience

Favourite Movies: Say Anything, everything by John Hughes

Least favourite movies: Most of the horror genre, The Hot Chick

Favourite TV: The West Wing, Friday Night Lights

Thinks she looks like: A young Meryl Streep

Actually looks like: A young Christopher Walken


thn profileEllen Daniels

News, Reviews

Twitter: @the_storyboard_

“I’m a doctor dammit not a film critic”

From: Manchester

Going: Nowhere fast…

Crowning achievement: Not jumping on Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston at a press conference

Favourite movies: To Kill a Mockingbird, Star Wars, Nightmare Before Christmas, 42, Lives of Others.

Least Favourite movies: Step Up, Step Up 2, Streetdance 1 and probably Streetdance 2.

Thinks she looks like: Sandra Bullock

Actually looks like: Sonia from Eastenders


10002653_10151924586767105_845720310_nBen Read

News, Features, Reviews

Twitter: @BenReadSuperman  

‘I’ll be back’

From: Cambridge

Going: To party

Crowning Achievement: Receiving a Birthday wish from a former pink Power Ranger on Facebook

Favourite Movies: American Beauty, The Departed, Back to the Future, The Dark Knight

Least Favourite Movies: Batman and Robin, Titanic, The Happening

Thinks he looks like: The lovechild of Prince Harry and Edward Norton

Actually looks like: Every other ginger guy


Craig Hunter THNCraig Hunter


Twitter: @TheCraigHunter

‘The Lord said let there be light. And there was… And you could see for fucking miles!’

From: Tyne & Wear

Going: To Comic-Con (Again)

Crowning achievment: Attended the Oscars in 2004

Favourite movies: The Shawshank Redemption, Halloween, The Thing, JFK

Least favourite movies: Anything with Chris Tucker (except SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK)

Thinks he looks like: Vin Diesel

Actually looks like: George Dawes


Esben Evans

News, Reviews

‘I was hiding under your porch because I love you, can I stay?’

From: Vipperød, Denmark

Going: Straight to the Oscars…someday!

Crowning Achievement: Being an all-round badass! Oh, and once ate 1.5 kg of food in one meal

Favourite Movies: Sunshine, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Fight Club

Thinks He Looks Like: A young Liam Neeson

Actually Looks Like: Alfie Allen AKA Theon ‘Weirdo Creep’ Greyjoy


Isra Al Kassi


‘Whoever you are, I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.’

From: Sweden

Going: To take over the world

Dirtiest film secret: Sometimes YouTubes ‘Comfortably Numb – Departed’ just to watch amazing foreplay

Favourite movies: Rope, Fight Club, Say Anything

Least favourite movie: Anything with Kate Hudson

Favourite Movie Score: Edward Norton’s voice

Thinks she looks like: Jessica Alba

Actually looks like: A dark haired Gary Busey


Chris Wharfe

News, Reviews

Twitter: @chriswharfe

‘Will someone get this big walking carpet out of my way?’

From: The Grim North

Going: Anywhere else

Crowning achievement: Pissing off Cillian Murphy mid-interview

Favourite movies: Pulp Fiction, Star Wars, anything Batman-related

Least favourite movies: [Almost] anything with De Niro post-2000, the spoof genre

Aspires to be like: ’70s/’80s Harrison Ford

Is actually more like: That one Stormtrooper who bangs his head in A New Hope


Dave Bennett

Features, Podcast, Tea-boy

Twitter: @1davebennett

‘They were still booing him when we came on stage.’

From: Surrey

Going: Senile at 27

Crowning achievement: Scoring a tap-in at the Madejski Stadium

Favourite movies: This is Spinal Tap, Harold & Maude, Platoon

Least favourite movie: Requiem For a Dream

Thinks he looks like: Christian Bale

Actually looks like: Simon Cowell


Joseph Upton

Podcast, Reviews

Twitter: @JoeyUps

‘Do you see what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass?!’

From: Woking

Going: Super-Nova

Crowning achievement: Former child star of the 1989 TV movie The Woman in Black; it’s been downhill ever since.

Favourite movies: The Evil Dead 2, The Big Lebowski, Labyrinth, Harold and Maude, John Carpenter’s The Thing

Least favourite movies: The Amazing Spider Man (on principle), Eureka (pretentious and boring)

Thinks he looks like: Jason Statham

Actually looks like: A mal-nourished Mitchell brother


Matt Dennis

Reviews, TV

Twitter: @mattyjdennis

I’m not bad. I’m just drawn that way.’

From: Bracknell

Going: To live forever or die trying!

Crowning achievement: Asked David Tennant a question on The Graham Norton Show.  Graham Norton called him a genius!

Favourite movies: Jaws, 12 Angry Men, Dawn of the Dead, Shallow Grave, Lord of the Rings, Mary Poppins, Up

Least favorite movies: Twilight, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, Shrek the Third

Thinks he looks like: Ben Whishaw

Actually looks like: Velma from Scooby Doo, Post-Op


Tom Fordy

Resident Legend

Twitter: @thetomfordy

‘I couldn’t fuck a gorilla.’


Going:To Disneyland

Most attracted to: The Little Mermaid or Bill Murray. Whichever one’s up for it.

Favourite movies:Jaws, LA Confidential,Ghostbusters

Least favourite movies:Tim Burton’s career

Would like to be played by:Russell Crowe

Would most likely be played by:Justin Lee Collins