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TheHollywoodNews.com is a World Wide Web site domain (the “Site”) that provides users with the opportunity to electronically submit comments (“Submission” or “Feedback”) for the webmaster, Paul Heath, to read and/or publicly post on the Site. This public posting is a legal notice detailing certain Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) for submitting Feedback. By using this website, you indicate that you accept and agree to these Terms. If you do not agree to accept these Terms, do not submit any Feedback. By using this website, you additionally accept and agree to all other applicable usage Terms posted on this Site.

Terms and Conditions

All Submissions are subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. All Feedback data submitted becomes the property of The Hollywood News and shall be administered by its Staff.
2. All Feedback, unless specifically requested otherwise or unless a reasonable examination reveals a certain aspect of the Feedback to be of a personal nature, are subject to public posting on the website.
3. All public postings of Feedback submissions, as moderated by Paul Heath and his Staff, are made at our sole discretion.
4. All public postings are suject to copy editing at the sole discretion of Paul Heath and/or his Staff for the purpose of refining a message for public presentation.
5. Categorization of public postings, including to the “Favorites” page or with “Special” display attributes, is at the sole discretion of Paul Heath and his Staff.

Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your right to privacy. In this policy we set forth details about the information we collect and how we use it. Our collection and usage of personal data depends upon your activities while on our web Site.

* When you visit our site:
Our server use non-persistent cookies to collect your IP address and uniquely identify your browser session. We log non-personal “hit” information made public in only in aggregate — i.e. number of hits per day to a certain page on the Site. Non-persistent cookies do not reveal your identity, they simply enable us to maintain custom settings and track details like any items in your shopping cart while you browse. The non-persistent cookie is temporarily stored to memory and is automatically discarded when your browser session is ended.
* When you submit Feedback:
All Feedback submission information you provide is maintained in our web server(s) for the primary purpose of being able to provide users with the opportunity for a personal response from Paul Heath or his Staff. In order to protect the interests of The Hollywood News, Feedback data submitted, including email addresses, are maintained for any length of time that Paul Heath or his Staff, at their sole discretion, may deem appropriate. Any or all Feedback information submitted may be used in order to contact you regarding a personal response from Paul Heath or his Staff. Any or all Feedback information submitted may also be used in order to contact you regarding news or special offers from this Site. If your personal information is ever used to contact you vial electronic mail regarding a news item or a special offer, instructions will be provided on how to opt out of any similar future electronic mailings. There will be no formal opt-out option on communications sent directly from Paul or his Staff, but a written or electronic email request to not receive any further correspondence from from that source will be honored.


TheHollywoodNews.com may find it necessary or be legally obligated to update this Agreement and the Privacy Policy from time to time. Any changes will be posted on this Site. Modifications to this Agreement and its containing Privacy Policy, except as otherwise required by law or as we may deem impractical or when we deem the modification to be largely inconsequential, will not affect the Feedback submissions to TheHollywoodNews.com prior to the effective date of the change.