DMG Entertainment brings inclusion into the Hollywood Comic space, with plus-size superhero Faith!

The multimedia giant DMG Entertainment is set to break new ground in Hollywood by introducing its first plus-sized superhero heroine, as part of Valiant’s multi-movie deal signed with Sony back in 2017.

It has been confirmed that Faith will hit cinema screens sometime after the release of those introductory Sony-produced Valiant Cinematic Universe (VCU) movies Bloodshot and Harbinger.

In fact, it is likely that she may feature in the latter, which would nicely set up her own spin off movie.

Who Is Faith?

Many moviegoers will not yet know the character whose full name is Faith Herbert. DMG Entertainment recently bought the rights to the entire Valiant comic universe and its 2,000 characters, but none of us have seen them as of yet.

The first chance we will get is with the Bloodshot which stars Vin Diesel as the titular character. This is slated to be followed by Harbinger which is a story arc that includes Faith’s character.

Her comic books tell us that Faith’s parents were killed in a car accident, leaving her grandmother to bring her up. She is a self-confessed comics and sci-fi nerd, and when Pete Stanchek helps her to unleash her superpowers (including the ability to fly), she is ecstatic.

She goes on to form part of the Harbinger Resistance or Renegades under the name of Zephyr. They fight against the evil psiot Toyo Harada who plans to take over the world with his own army of Harbingers.

What Is Known About the Production So Far?

Very little has been released on the details of the movie’s production. For example, it is not known who will be cast in the titular role and no plot details have been forthcoming.

What we do know is that writer Maria Melnik, who currently writes for the TV series American Gods, has signed up to write the screenplay. Several actors have expressed an interest in the role such as Stranger Things’ Shannon Purser.  

However, the writer behind the comic series, Jody Houser, has suggested that she would like to see the lead role to be “a breakout role for an actor who hasn’t has their break yet”.

But since the film isn’t likely to hit our screens until 2023 (or possibly later) it’s quite possible that we will have to wait a long while yet before finding out who the part has gone to.

Could Faith Kick Start more Diversity in Hollywood’s Superheroes?

The introduction of a “plus-size” superhero marks a shift towards making more inclusive movies. The success of Blank Panther which had a predominately black cast and Captain Marvel which starred a female lead, is creating an appetite for more diverse superheroes.

There are already ready rumors of a Ms. Marvel movie being released starring Kamala Khan, which would mark the first on-screen Muslim superhero, after the positive reception Brie Larson received as the aforementioned Captain Marvel.

It will also be interesting to see if Sony decide to cast Valiant’s Pete Stanchek as gay, which he was in the original comics, or decide to stick with the more recent iterations of the character who unconsciously uses his powers to make girls go out with him.

Whatever they decide, it is clear that movie audiences are clamoring for a more diverse offering of superheroes that much better represents modern society, instead of having casts made up of just one skin color, race, sexuality or nationality.  

Wrap Up

The introduction of a “plus-sized” superhero has got many fans excited already about a character that they can really relate to. How long fans will have to wait to see her is unclear, but at least the movie is now starting to gain some momentum by hiring a writer.

It is likely to be slated for after the introductory films of Bloodshot and Harbinger, but it is hard to see her not playing a part in the latter considering she is one of the main characters of the Resistance (Renegades).

What we do know is that a movie of this nature is likely to perform well at the box office as increasingly fans want to root for more diverse characters that better represent all segments of modern society.