There are quite a lot of popular wedding dresses that are available out there. At one side where there are designs like a halter and high neck, there are some other cool wedding dresses like mermaid wedding dresses that we get to see.

However, as a bride, you must have confusion or want to know about different types of wedding dresses. So you can choose the best wedding dress that suits your body and perfectly fits in your wedding. And in case if you do, here are some of the most popular weddings dresses that you can try out.

So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time:

19 Popular Wedding Dresses That You Can Try Out

1. Asymmetric:

Asymmetric is one of the most popular wedding dress that most of the brides go for. The gown has a strap on one of the shoulders. And it drapes across the bustline. If you are someone who wants to show their shoulder, then an Asymmetric wedding dress is the perfect option for you.

2. Bateau/Boat Neck:

Then there is the bateau/boat neck gown. It has a collarbone from shoulder to shoulder. And as it goes down it has a straight line. If you are looking for a modest neckline, then this is the best one you can get.

3. Halter:

After that, there is the Halter. Halter is also one of the popular gowns that you can try out. It comes with a shoulder flattering cut in the front. Plus, it has a round neckline just at the base of the neck. The staps of the dress is wrapped around the neck and on the back side, it is strapless. So if you want to expose your back during your wedding. Then you must try out Halter.

4. High Neck:

You can also try out High Neck wedding dress for your wedding. It is pretty much like a jewel gown. It comes with a mock neck collar. And it can be worn with or without the sleeves.

5. Jewel:

You can also try out a Jewel gown. A Jewel gown comes with a round neckline at the base of your neck. A jewel dress is great for you if you are looking for a modest dress.

6. Illusion:

Talking about a modest dress, then you can also have a look at the illusion gown. It comes with a jewel neckline. But the shape of the neckline is a sweetheart. Also, there is a transparent material that connects to the neckline. If you do not want to go strapless and still want to show your shoulders. Then an Illusion gown would do the job.

7. Queen Anne:

Up next, there is Queen Anne. This one comes with a high collar in the back. And on the front side, there is a v neck. You can try this option for another modest look.

8. Portrait:

You can also try out a Portrait wedding dress. As they are also one of the most popular wedding dress that you can try out. A portrait wedding dress comes with a soft scoop from one shoulder to another.

9. Mermaid:

If you are looking for a tighter wedding dress then you can check out the mermaid wedding dress. Mermaid wedding dresses are usually the tighter fitting dress. The dress is fitted till the knees and offers a mermaid like look to you.

10. Modified A-Line:

There is also the modified A-line dress. This one is a less dramatic wedding dress. It fits close to the body of the bride and offers them a non traditional look.

11. Sheath:

There is also the sheath dress which drapes the bride’s body straight to the top of the dress and comes to the bottom.

12. Tea-Length:

You can also check out the tea-length gowns. These types of gowns do not touch the floor. Instead, they stop somewhere at the knee which offers the bride a modern look.

13. Trumpet:

The trumpet is also one of the popular wedding dress tried by the younger brides. A trumpet gown is fitted throughout the body of the bride and it stats flattering from the mid-thigh. So if you have fuller hips, then you definitely must try out this gown.

14. 3/4 Sleeve:

If you are looking ahead to get a classic look, Then do try out the 3/4 sleeve dress. The dress stays between the elbow and the wrist and it offers an amazing look.

15. Cap Sleeves:

After that there is the Cap Sleeves wedding dress. They are usually shorter and comes with slight sleeves. So if you are looking for a modern option, try this one.

16. Long Sleeve:

If you want full modesty on your wedding day then go for a long sleeve wedding dress. It offers you full length sleeve which reaches to the wrist.

17. Short Sleeve:

You can also have a look at the short sleeve dress. This kind of wedding dress offers enough material for your triceps and biceps. But the dress is not as modest as the long sleeve.

18. Spaghetti:

Then there is the spaghetti strap gown. It comes with delicate straps which offers comfort without letting you change the style of the dress at all.

19. No Waist/Princess Seams:

Princess seams are also one of the popular wedding dresses that you can try out at your wedding. These types of gown do not have a waistline. Instead, they run vertically from the top of the dress to the hem.

Final Words:

So those were some of the popular wedding dresses that you can try out. Apart from these, there are also quite a lot of wedding dresses that you can find in the market. But these ones are the top ones. Also, if you are interested in buying any of these wedding dress types, then do check out JJ’s House. They are one of the best sites where you can find almost all kind of wedding dresses.