The promise of Los Angeles in the 80s. Which bands, which singers will realise their dreams in this city of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll?

Photo Credit: Richard Davenport

If you are wanting an evening full of laughter and great eighties music then this is the show for you. The excitement amongst the audience before our performance began was tangible, especially as the auditorium was already misty with dry ice.

The first number, ‘Feel the Noize’, sets the tone for the evening and auditorium seemed to vibrate. The on-stage band had the audience enthralled, the excitement only enhanced by the brilliant lighting effects.

Without doubt, a talent-filled cast – exceptional dancing to intricately choreographed sequences accompanied by some outstanding singing voices. ‘Waiting for a Girl Like You’ and ‘The Search is Over’, are show stoppers, sung by Luke Walsh as Drew, an aspiring rock singer, with Jodie Steel, who plays Sherrie, a reluctant night club hostess. Kevin Clifton, of ‘Strictly’ fame, plays pop star Stacey Jaxx, and received tremendous ovation singing ‘I Want to Know What Love Is’.

So many great songs and the story hangs together readily, but it is really enhanced by the buffoonery, asides, singing, and dancing of Lucas Rush who played Lonny, with Kevin Kennedy a perfect foil, playing Dennis, who had owned most of LA, but because of drugs and alcohol, has sadly lost most of it.

A great show, but not family viewing – lots of sex, drugs and loud rock music, bright lights and lots of scantily dressed dancers – the excess of it all and an evening of fabulous fun and entertainment.

Rock of Ages was reviewed at the New Wimbledon Theatre where it plays until 2nd March before continuing on its tour of the country.

Rock Of Ages (Tour)