Marijuana has always sparked interest in the entertainment industry, and Hollywood is no exception.  Cult classics like “Half Baked” and “Dazed and Confused have grown into Hollywood hits like the “Harold and Kumar” series and “Pineapple Express”.  The whole genre owes a lot to Cheech and Chong, and the industry has not changed their winning formula too radically.

But perhaps we will see a new twist on the stoner classics with the recent legalization of hemp in the United States in December.  This move will increase the visibility of CBD oils and other similar CBD products on the American market.  Distinctly different from marijuana, CBD does not get the user high, but rather it alleviates stress. CBD oils are already available in physical stores and online at retailers like, and their widespread use will only increase now that farmers can legally grow hemp in America.

If Harold and Kumar use CBD oils over recreational marijuana the storyline would likely be vastly different.  Instead of intoxicated hi-jinx, perhaps the pair would have no problems in their trips to White Castle, and there would likely be much less stress involved.

But, the healing qualities of CBD oils could spark a different kind of film than a buddy comedy.  Some people have had their lives completely changed by the simple oil, and their health has taken a radical change for the better.  The Food and Drug Administration approved CBD oil as a treatment for multiple epilepsy disorders and more research is being done into other health effects.  The vast change to American health could make the CBD industry the subject of various documentaries.

But, in all likelihood, the stoner movie formula will not translate one to one for a CBD oil movie genre.  Much to the chagrin of the CBD oil industry, these high-profile movies depend on the impaired antics of the protagonist.  A CBD oil buddy comedy may very well be possible, but if it would only revolve around the betterment of the protagonist’s health than movie fans would likely ask for a refund.

As previously stated, the advancement of CBD oil will likely feature in many movies, however, these might be in documentaries or dramas.  A patient’s life improved by CBD oil sounds like it fits best in a drama or documentary setting. But, as it becomes more prevalent in American life, moviegoers might expect to see some representation and mention of it within movie storylines.  If CBD oil becomes as popular as Advil then we will be seeing movies and TV shows, left, right and center mentioning CBD. Widespread use of the oil would translate into many media appearances for the upstart medical remedy.

But CBD oil fans may have to wait for their own genre of comedy movie to spin off.  The culture around stoners has become so mainstream and used in media that it will be difficult for stoner movies to be dethroned.  But CBD oil companies and users likely will not care if their lifestyle does not hit the silver screen any time soon. Simply the legalization will be life-changing for many, and future generations may look back on the decision to legalize hemp as a turning point in American healthcare history.

For the time being, it might take a while for the CBD movie pitches to reach the desks of the Hollywood stars behind the “Harold and Kumar” series.  But it is fun to imagine the different world of Harold and Kumar with a different and perhaps healthier twist.