Amazon is widely known as an electronic commerce platform and considered the largest retailer on the Internet. But Amazon is not only about the retail; the company also has several proprietary web services. That’s why this Internet giant offers Cloud Computing Certification Program for professionals who are willing to prove their skills related to Amazon Cloud solutions.

About the certification

AWS Certified Developer – Associate credential is a professional certification meant for IT specialists who are interested in advancing their developer roles. Amazon is the world’s largest provider of Cloud infrastructure. Consequently, it offers the most recent services and indisputably the best practices for developer roles related to compute power, database storage, content delivery, and other. AWS offers first-rate services that aid in building complex applications with alleviated flexibility, reliability, and scalability.

An update of AWS Associate Developer credential exam was released in June 2018 aimed at demonstrating technical competencies in developing, deploying, debugging, and maintaining Cloud-based applications of the Amazon Web Services platform. It is necessary for individuals pursuing this credential to meet these critical requirements:

  • Possess an in-depth understanding of at least one advanced programming language.
  • Have skills in applying AWS APIs, AWS CLI, and SDKs to write applications.
  • Have at least a year of experience in developing and maintaining AWS-based applications.

Information about the certification topics and other details can be found on the AWS official website.

Benefits of AWS Certified Developer – Associate certification

  • Successful completion of the training and certification attracts privileges that put the careers of individuals on a pedestal. To begin with, throughout AWS Associate Developer training course, individuals gain an in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge basics of critical AWS services, uses, and best architecture practices. Possessing this knowledge alone can help in landing an esteemed well-paying position in an organization that requires these skills.
  • Secondly, the certification markets an individual and their skills globally. Individuals gain access to a digital badge which can be displayed on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, where employers around the world are able to view one’s credibility. The badge acts as a proof for the skills and competencies and enables candidates to gain recognition from employers across the globe. The paths leading to coveted areas in developing and maintaining applications on the AWS platform are endless.
  • In addition, gaining certification guarantees high salaries. For individuals looking to advance their careers in the IT world, AWS certification will furnish them with the most elite affirmation to demonstrate that you have the knowledge and skill in Amazon Web Services such as storage services, simple queue services, simple notification services, simple workflow services, AWS Cloud platform, and the AWS Elastic Beanstalk. Employers in the developers’ field procure around more people with AWS certification, which means the higher salaried positions for the proven professionals.
  • Earning AWS Certified Developer – Associate certification also grants one self-fulfillment. In the event that an individual successfully passes the exam, he/she will be confident in the skills on the AWS platform. With the certification, the possibilities of advancing one’s career are endless. Hence, while applying for jobs, you will make applications to those organizations that offer a chance at remunerating your efforts and investments. Additionally, you will be confident while making that application.
  • Furthermore, having gained this certification increases customer satisfaction. In the event an organization invites Amazon AWS Certification Dumps holder, they move a step towards developing their consumer loyalty. It enables the organization to make use of the AWS logo provided by the holder of the certification. Also, another reason an organization will enlist certified representatives is that these professionals contribute to efficiency, productivity, and a decrease in risks and costs needed to implement workloads and projects on the AWS platform.
  • AWS Certified Developer – Associate credential earns individual’s recognition by employers. With AWS certification, you will bring some important favorable benefits to the company. Employers are inclined to recruit skilled professionals to spear-head projects that require an understanding of Amazon Website Service technologies. This implies that you will be set at the top of the list.
  • Further, AWS certification will help individuals to stay relevant in the IT field. The IT is a fast-growing and evolving industry. New techniques are constantly being invented every now and then. Possessing the certification shows that an individual is up to pace with these changes. AWS certification requires candidates to renew their certifications after every two years. Amazon routinely updates their content in order to maintain the relevance of the certification to job modern tasks. Renewing the certification gives professionals a chance to update their knowledge and training options. AWS certification proves commitment, consistency, and diligence to keep up with the changes and developments in the IT industry.
  • Moreover, AWS certification holder becomes part of an AWS global community. Experts in the AWS Cloud platform have strived to build a society with solid networks where individuals can gain from career-wise individuals through collaborations, request information from, and also give back to. These like-minded individuals can be discovered on Social Media Platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

It is important to note that attaining AWS certification is an achievement. Successfully passing AWS exams requires much of the individual’s time, learning, and preparing efforts. However, when you gain your professional recognition, you’ll have a ground-breaking proficient qualification, as well as an honor of accomplishment that you can exhibit with satisfaction and pride.


Once you dive into the training, you will begin to notice the bottomless and highly-coveted opportunities AWS credential has to offer. Among them, you can be the Associate Cloud Practitioner, Associate Developer, Associate Solutions Architect, and Systems Operator Administrator. Therefore, roll up your sleeves and ace your career with this AWS Certified Developer – Associate certification!