Benidorm Live theatre review: For regular viewers of Benidorm this production appears to have fulfilled all their expectations. The show is, of course, based on the television show of the same name that has run for 10 series.

Sherrie Hewson. (Joyce Temple-Savage). Photo Credit: Paul Coltas

The New Victoria Theatre was filled to capacity with fans who arrived ready for an evening of sun, sea and sangria holiday escapism. Even as the music started the audience cheered and this set the tone for the rest of the evening. They were not disappointed as each familiar character came on to the stage to the entire audience cheering.

The polished and slick performance proved that this sitcom transfers easily from television to stage, with is bawdy humour and slapstick comedy.

The show details the two night stay of a husband and wife who have transferred to the Solana Resort hotel prior to moving on to their five-star destination. The staging was simple yet effective as displaying the Solana’s rundown nature was seemlessly transformed from reception, to hair salon and poolside as we followed the cast trying to persuade the hotel inspector that their hotel was worth saving.

The stage production has not lost any of the intimacy of its television roots as the cast totally engaged with the audience. The characters and costumes were instantly recognisable and the audience acknowledge their affection and familiarity with the performers throughout.

If you are a fan of the Benidorm television series then this an absolute must-see show.

Benidorm Live is running at the New Victoria Theatre in Woking until 2nd February 2019.

Benidorm Live