Nicole Kidman’s latest film, Destroyer, sees the A-list actress starring alongside the handsome Sebastian Stan. It’s a gripping and gritty crime thriller which sees the two playing undercover cops and lovers.  Stan’s career has led him from the stage at Shakespeare’s Globe theatre to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and beyond. With Destroyer coming to cinemas this Friday, we’re taking a look at the actor’s most iconic roles.   

Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier

Sebastian Stan is known mostly for his portrayal as Bucky Barnes/the Winter Soldier in Marvel’s Avengers. James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes is a controversial and misunderstood character in the Marvel Universe. Thought to be dead by his friend Steve Rodgers/Captain America, Barnes was captured and brainwashed by HYDRA and became the enhanced operative known as the Winter Soldier. Half a century later, Bucky Barnes starts to become himself again with the help of the nation of Wakanda.

Jeff (I, Tonya)

In I, Tonya, Sebastian Stan plays the role of Jeff Gillooly, the on-off boyfriend of Tonya Harding. Jeff married the talented figure skater when she was 19 but becomes abusive and violent. Later in the film we see the real-life scandal fall out; Jeff hires crooks to attack Tonya’s rival Nancy Kerrigan and then the FBI finds out. Gillooly accepted a plea bargain and was sentenced to two years of prison, along with a $100,000 fine. He later changes his name to Jeff Stone.

Dayton White (Logan Lucky)

In this heist comedy film, Stan plays the NASCAR driver Dayton White sponsored by Max Chilblain, a pretentious British businessman whose car gets blown up at the beginning of the film. Stan’s role is minimal, but his portrayal of the heart-throb race car driver who hates energy drinks caught the eyes of audiences everywhere.

Josh (Ricki and the Flash)

This comedy-drama sees Meryl Streep as a neglecting mother as she continually attempts to live out her dream of becoming a Rockstar. When her family needs her, she returns home for a chance to make amends. Sebastian Stan plays one of her two hostile sons, Joshua Brummel, who is about to get married. At first avoiding sending an invitation to his mom, he eventually caves and allows her band to play at his wedding.

Chris (Destroyer)

Sebastian Stan is captivating alongside Kidman as Erin Bell in Destroyer. Seen only in flashbacks of Erin’s life, Stan plays her partner Chris while they’re undercover working for a gang. The two eventually develop a romantic relationship and he becomes the father of Erin’s unborn child. When they’re plan to run away goes amiss, detective Erin Bell must live with her guilt as she carries out her quest for revenge.

Destroyer is in cinemas today.