Hereford Films, the company behind films such as The Krays: Dead Man Walking and the We Still Kill the Old Way series, has dropped a teaser poster for its latest London crime film, the gangland home invasion thriller Reckoning Day.

In Reckoning Day, an underworld kingpin’s past catches up with him when he becomes a prisoner in his own home during a violent and shocking home invasion where the very darkest of secrets will be revealed.

Chris Ellison (We Still Kill the Old Way) takes the lead role with a fantastic cast of British film actors including Nick Moran (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels), Red Madrell (Adulthood), Janine Nerissa (The Exorcism of Karen Walker) and Danielle Harold (EastEnders).

Reckoning Day is written and directed by Adam Stephen Kelly, best known for his critically acclaimed short film Done In and the action thriller Kill Kane starring Vinnie Jones in one of his best roles.

Kelly commented, “Reckoning Day is a dark thriller that goes to places you don’t expect it to. My hope for this film is to take audiences on a ride and really mess with their heads; make them think about what they’ve just seen and then think again. I’m exceptionally pleased with the hugely talented cast we’ve managed to put together and I’m very excited to start shooting in the new year”.

Reckoning Day is produced by Jonathan Sothcott for Hereford Films and is due to shoot in early 2019.