With weddings and babies and trips abroad, we’re seeing a lot of the royal family in the news recently. But that’s definitely not a bad thing. With every appearance from the younger royals, a new trend is set, be it long-sleeve wedding dresses or the latest coat to be seen in. With that in mind, we have put together some top style tips from our favourite royals. Just remember to cut the tag out of your dress before leaving the house…

You can’t go wrong with animal print

It seems that the royal family love wearing animal print just as much as we do. Princess Eugenie has been seen sporting a trendy leopard print handbag; the Duchess of Sussex has stepped out in leopard print shoes; Princess Diana once strolled on the beach in a matching leopard print swimsuit and skirt and the Duchess of Cambridge looked amazing in a dalmatian print dress. Even the Queen has been seen to don a stylish leopard print coat in the past. So go for it. Wear that leopard print. It has and always will be a winning look; our favourite royals say so.

It’s all about vintage

If there’s one thing the royals are really good at, it’s making a hand-me-down look incredible, no matter how long its been in the family. From wedding dresses and veils to tiaras and rings, they sure know how to revive a look of times gone by. Kate Middleton is well-known for her fabulous jewellery, especially her stunning blue sapphire engagement ring which was, of course, the engagement ring of Prince William and Prince Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana. So, take a look through your parents and grandparents’ wardrobes and jewellery boxes and see what you can make work.

Keep it classy with rose gold

Having said that, we’re seeing a new wave of royal family with the likes of Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle and Princess Eugenie. And let’s not forget princes William and Harry too. They’re not afraid to break away from tradition from time to time and show that the monarchy like to follow the latest trends too. Kate Middleton is a big fan of rose gold, with Prince William gifting her a delicate and classy rose gold ring when they studied together at St. Andrews.

It’s okay to go against the grain

When it comes to jewellery, Meghan Markle’s go-to metal is the classic yellow gold, which is seeing sales soar as a result. But where she’s traditional in one sense, she’s certainly contemporary and unique in another. Most people were so caught up by the fact she rocked a messy bun on her January visit to Cardiff Castle that they failed to notice she was wearing mismatched earrings. She’s also a big fan of a thumb rings.

Make a statement

Aside from the occasional leopard print and floral pattern, one of the things you may have noticed about the royal family and their sense of style is that they love to make a statement. Their outfits are all about picking a bright colour and giving it the wow factor. They’re not afraid to wear a statement hat or fascinator and every famous designer wants to play a part in their wardrobe. Pick one bright colour for your outfit, with simple detail and then give it the edge with a stylish hat or some standout jewellery.