The term cult classic may be overstretching the mark for this film release Kom til Casino, but there is an affinity towards the show turned movie directed by Mille Schmidt and Gösta Bernhard. It was the first film made in Sweden to depict the casino in its natural state and none have done so since. We discuss a little on this within our casino review of Kom til Casino (Come to Casino) and pick up on the matter which still oddly seems a taboo subject to portray.

The success of many online casino in Sweden is a sign that gambling is a favourite hobby but not shown on film

It’s well known that the Swedish have a passion for gambling, with sites like listing over hundreds of accessible online casinos for people to play live dealer games and slot machines it’s then surprising to learn that there has only ever been one film depicting ‘casinos’.
Some could argue that the film The Seventh Seal marked the first stroke of gambling to celluloid for the Swedish as the character Antonius Block plays chess with Death in order to prolong his existence, this is in itself a gamble.

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The movie “Kom til casino” is a Swedish classic, recorded during a theater performance in 1974 in Stockholm at the Intima Theater. The beautiful casino gig that plays the main role in the film consists of Gustaf Lindstedt, Gösta Bernhard, Carl Gunnar, Gus Dahlström, Knas Lindkvist, Gösta Krantz, Siv Ericks, and Anna Sundqqvist.

In this classic Swedish casino film, madness hits one another and we are following a nice evening with all-round music, beautiful Swedish girls and clearly ugly guys. The film was released in 2008 at the end of November with Warner Bros as a distributor. The film is a Swedish invention so of course, everyone speaks Swedish but is also subtitled in English for hearing impaired. The length of the film is 1 hour and 28 minutes and is child-resistant.

The script is written by Svensken Stig Bergendorff, directed by Gösta Bernhard, and has received the Changer Comedy / Swedish Film. We have certainly added the film proudly in our collection of casino movies as this is the first Swedish casino movie in the collection.

How casino and gambling had an impact on the filming industry and why it succeeds every time

Casinos have played a big part in film history and as early as the 50s through to present day and the Swedish could be missing out on the wide birth of ideas the context and metaphors the theme offers. If you are a fan of these casino set films then we suggest you check out other titles including The Cooler, Rounders, Revolver, Swingers, Hard Eight and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Kom til Casino is currently available on DVD.