We caught Claire Denis’ stunning sci-fi drama High Life at last month’s TIFF, and were completely blown away by it. The film is stunning, and Robert Pattinson gives a career-best performance. The story revolves around a father and his daughter who struggle to survive in deep space where they live in isolation. As far as we can see, the film hasn’t got a UK release date yet, by a first High Life trailer has just gone online.

High Life trailer
High Life trailer

High Life trailer – Robert Pattinson excels in space drama

The official synopsis for High Life is as follows.

The destination is the black hole within closest reach of Earth. The spaceship’s crew is a collection of dangerous prisoners, last-chancers with nothing left to lose. At first, Monte (Robert Pattinson) is the only crew member awake, rigorously tending to the ship to keep them all alive as they hurtle through space. But Monte is also caring for a baby daughter, born on board. This anomaly is only the first sign of the chaos to come. As Monte’s self-discipline slips, the crew awakens and conflicts erupt.

Here’s a little snippet from my original review, posted from Toronto a couple of weeks ago.

High Life is perhaps one of the most original and disturbing space movies we’ve ever seen It’s difficult to compare it to anything that has been done before. There’s gore, body-horror, a shocking and indeed jaw-dropping scene in the fuckroom – yes, they have a fuckroom on board – and in places I found myself turning away.

The look of the film is simplistic and hypnotic, a stark contrast to the period, non-fiction space movie First Man which we saw immediately before. That said, High Lie feels very retro – drawing influence from Kubrick and the like, specifically in terms of its sets and production design.

You can read my full review from TIFF at the end of the link above. Here’s that first, though very short, High Life trailer. Enjoy.