He’s got a film hitting the BFI London Film Festival next week in documentary They Shall Not Grow Old, and then young adult novel Mortal Engines, which he produced, at the end of the year, but Peter Jackson has been talking about a project he’s still up for tackling sometime in the future – a sequel to The Adventure Of Tintin.

Jackson produced the 2011 movie which Steven Spielberg directed. The two will swap roles for the follow-up. Speaking to Polygon last week, Jackson said:

“I’m intending to [make it]. I’ve got gotta get the script written, but I’m certainly hoping to get another Tintin film, one which I’ve directed. This one, Steven [Spielberg] would produce. It’s within the next year or two, I would hope. I mean, there’s nothing happening this very second, but it does literally need me to sit down and develop a script for it. So probably in the new year, I’ll try to do that.”

There’s more info on where Jackson may go in terms of the story on the next one, focussing on one of Herge’s two dozen books out there. Hit the link above to find out more.