Are you are an enthusiast of retro games? If yes, then welcome to the world of 70’s and 80s. Here, you’ll learn more about various old-school but classic games that will surely thrill you. Most of these games are still popular in the current world and have been adapted to fit different mobile devices. They are classified into various genres including strategy, casual and even casual. The good thing about them is that they work right out of the box, accompanied by good music, simpler and have nostalgic feelings. Here are the top 5 options to consider.

Donkey Kong

Throw yourself back in the days of yore and play the full version of this game. It comes in four different levels and you play as Super Mario before turning the present day, Mario. In the presence of Mario, there’s a Princess as can be seen in the game. As you climb the ladders, remember to dodge the barrels that wander down the stage. Your climbs should match with the tosses of Donkey Kong. The most challenging thing is the randomly falling barrels with the slow climbing which puts you in a tough battle. The most interesting thing about the game is that it remembers your last point so you can resume later.


This was released in 1980 and since then it has gained a lot of popularity and success. It revolves around a yellow-rounded creature that returns home from his 20th birthday. You are required to control the creature via mazes. Your creature must consume as many dots and tasty treats as it can for you to score. However, you must be on the look because nasty ghosts are roaming and might wipe you out if you aren’t careful. Some treats can give you the ability to consume your enemies. Therefore, be sure to watch them out every time the table turns.


The first version of this game was released in 1972 by Atari Corporations. This tennis-like game features a ball and two paddles. The target is to defeat your opponent by gaining the first 10 points. When your opponent misses a ball, you get a point. It supports both single- and multiplayer mode. In the single-player mode, you play against the computer-controlled paddle.

Day of the Tentacle (Maniac Mansion II)

This is a 1993 graphic adventure developed by LucasArts. The story is about Bernard Bernoulli and his allies Laverne and Hoagie. The three attempt to stop a sentient or evil Purple Tentacle from ruling the world. You take control of the three and try to solve a puzzle using time traveled to discover various periods in history. The plans of Purple Tentacle are uncontrollable and unstoppable and tries to control the world.

Mario Bros

This was developed by Nintendo then released in 1983. Mario, an American-Italian plumber with his brother Luigi tries to fight off the creatures that emanate from the sewers of NYC. Mario attempts to kill the creatures by kicking flipping on their backs. Though it may sound simple, it is very addictive and exciting.

Bottom Line

New and latest versions of these games have been released to fit modern desktop and mobile devices. They are very remarkable and still rock the gaming industry. The above are the top 5 options you can consider. You can visit to view and play these thrilling games.