Lasso review: Beware of the rodeo in this gore-splattered slasher flick.

Lasso review by Kat Hughes.

Lasso Review

The late night slot at Frightfest is when the really fun films come out to play. By this time of day some attendees are beginning to flag and they need something to reinvigorate them, and with this year’s Lasso they will not be disappointed.

Kit (Lindsey Morgan – The 100) and Simon (Andrew Jacobs – Paranormal Activity: The Marked) take a bus load of customers to visit a rodeo. After an accident during the show cuts the rodeo short, they begin their journey home. Before they can set off though, they encounter a young woman being pursued by barbwire lasso-wielding maniac, and then the fun really starts.

A film made for gore hounds, there is so much gory injury detail on display. There’s also an abundance of outlandishly painful deaths. Branding, electric shocks, and stretching are just the tip of the iceberg.  Director Evan Cecil throws everything into Lasso,and whilst the narrative of the film falters, as a blood driven slasher film, it succeeds in spades.

Our core group of victims is split into two – the first is kit and her customers, the second is Simon and rodeo workers caught in the crossfire. The victims are pretty much treated like cattle, which is a nice commentary on how humans treat animals, but there’s little more substance given to the tormentors.

A film that requires several leaps of faith, Lasso also includes Sean Patrick Flanery, as one armed rodeo contestant Ennis, potentially the hardest man to kill in cinema ever. Ennis is clearly part feline, him seemingly returning from death more times than Supernatural‘s Winchester brothers. Lasso doesn’t take itself seriously though and encourages the audience to be amused at all of Ennis’ resurrection.

The perfect late night kill-fest to play the slasher drinking game too, Lasso will reel you in for a fun-filled gore heavy time.

Lasso review by Kat Hughes, August 2018.

Lasso screened at Arrow Video Frightfest 2018.