A proper Back To The Future reunion took place in America over the weekend with the film’s main cast member getting back together to celebrate the release of the classic trilogy. The original movie was released a whopping 33 years ago, but Marty McFly, Doc Brown, Lorraine Baines-McFly, and Biff Tannen have been pictured in the same room at a convention over Boston.

Back to the Future reunion

Back To The Future reunion

Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, and Thomas Wilson were snapped at the Fan Expo in the city, the first time they have been together since the original film’s thirtieth anniversary three years ago.

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All shared one-liner thoughts on social media. “Back in 2018, even Biff made it,” said Michael J. Fox who played the film’s central protagonist, Marty. Wilson, who played the bad guy of the series, Biff Tannen, said “Wow. This just happened.” Thompson, who played Marty’s mother Lorraine posted on her Instagram account, “Four old friends get back from the future,” while Lloyd (the legendary Doc Brown) simply mentioned, “This was special.

Wow. This just happened.

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In the 1980s sci-fi classic, small-town California teen Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) is thrown back into the ’50s when an experiment by his eccentric scientist friend Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) goes awry. Traveling through time in a modified DeLorean car, Marty encounters young versions of his parents (Crispin Glover, Lea Thompson), and must make sure that they fall in love or he’ll cease to exist. Even more dauntingly, Marty has to return to his own time and save the life of Doc Brown.

Back To The Future remains a classic until this very day, and for a film three decades old, still manages to stand up to repeat viewings. It is a film that will never be remade – certainly (hopefully) not in our lifetimes, and rightly so.

Check out the Back To The Future reunion images above.