In the 2010s, a new form of entertainment emerged in the UK that still has people gushing. Escape Rooms are sets full of puzzles where people get locked in for a period of time and have to escape from by solving the riddles. Over time, these sets have gotten more complex and now incorporate different props, have more staff and employ sound designers in order to create a realistic and emotional overall experience. Many have compared these games to real-life movies because of the experience of a fictional story-line that they offer, but unlike movies, Escape Room players don’t have to go through the experience vicariously. Instead, they can be the main characters of the story themselves. The developers of these games use several tactics in order to make the experience more movie-like.

If you want to see these Escape Rooms in London, but haven’t yet had a chance to do so, you shouldn’t have any trouble choosing from a multitude of available options. You can view the list of Escape Rooms in London here. Make sure that the ones you choose focus on creating an enjoyable overall experience with an interesting theme and challenging puzzles.

Theme and Design

Escape Room games are mostly centered around a particular theme. This can be a medieval dungeon, a spaceship, a prison cell or even an asylum. The themes that are chosen and the way they are executed are usually inspired by movies since that is the majority of experience most people have with things like spaceships and asylums. The design features and props are used to enhance the feeling of that particular theme and create a realistic atmosphere. This way, the players actually feel like they are living through the challenges that they face and forget about the fact that their experience is paid for and timed.

Sounds and Music

In addition to the design, developers actively employ sound to make the surrounding events more realistic and movie-like. A suspenseful background music might be playing while the players are trying to solve a riddle and entering a new room might be accompanied by a spooky sound effect. Small details like these that encompass a wide array of senses help the participants to immerse themselves in the environment of the game and distance the experience from the real life, which is why the Escape Rooms actually feel like movies.