Slot games have become super immersive these days, with amazing graphics added in to them. This gaming genre has exploded in recent years and movie buffs can take their pick from a whole load of themed slot games. Here are some of our favourite versions of these games:

Basic Instinct

This movie was one of the most influential of its time, so it’s only fitting that it should also be a stellar slot game. This game takes clips from the movie to really make sure that players are as involved as possible. It’s a really cool representation of the movie and you can even win some cash from it too.

The feel of this game is very retro but it has all of the bonus features that modern slot games enjoy too. This combines some of our favourite features with brand new graphics to create a slick experience.

Ace Ventura Pet Detective

This wacky comedy was all the rage about a decade ago but the legend lives on in this slot game. It’s packed full of bonus rounds and all the special features are rewarding and exciting. We remember this film most for the laughs it brought us and the slot game has exactly the same effect.

The design of this game is quite campy and this goes along with the original movie rather well. If you look for a no deposit mobile casino then you’ll find a list of the best casinos with free spins that will be sure to whet your appetite.

The Dark Knight

Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy has to be one of our favourite representations of the caped crusader. This movie was initially made into a slot machine quite a few years ago now and became one of the first games that was available to play on a wearable device. This fantastic slot brings the dark and gritty feel of the movie onto the three rows and five reels.

If you’re looking for a slot game that has a lot of substance then this is the one for you. It’s not overly cheesy, like some slot games, and really brings in that eerie fun that we know from the trilogy. Nolan’s films translate pretty well to this genre, we’d love to see more of them in future.


This game is all about the girly comedy that came out back in 2011. This giggly movie focuses on the upcoming nuptials of the main character and the personalities of each of her bridesmaids. The laugh a minute movie is filled with jokes and quips, clips of which can be found in the slot game too.

The top aspect about the Bridesmaids slot game, aside from the movie clips, are the variety of bonus features that exist within the game. This helps to mix the game up with additional fun and also gives you the chance to win some more cash when you play. There are spin the wheel rounds, matching games and more to explore with this game. If you want an in depth slot that has more than just basic gameplay, check this one out.

If you’re interested in playing slots then movie fans can really enjoy these games. Check them out if you fancy something a bit different while still enjoying your movie fix online.