Screen International has debuted the first trailer for filmmaker László Nemes’ (Son Of Saul) new film Sunset, which is set to premiere at the upcoming Venice Film Festival at the end of this month. The film will then move on to Toronto for TIFF. Big things are expected as Son Of Saul, which we caught in at the London Film Festival a couple of years back, literally took the world, and indeed the Academy Awards by storm. We’re so looking forward to this. You can watch the first Sunset movie trailer below.

Sunset movie trailer

The full review of that film can be found at the end of the link below, but here’s a snippet:

Director László Nemes has delivered an intense, tough film as his debut feature, and while it is extremely hard to watch in places, the talented filmmaker has set about bringing this harrowing story to the screen in a truly unique way. The open shot sets the scene as to how Nemes and his team want Son Of Saul is to be told, and a totally out of focus shot is presented before us with the title character slowly walking towards the camera before coming into focus about two feet away. This rest of the film is presented in this way too, with Nemes and cinematographer Mátyás Erdély‘s unconventional 4:3 camera frame no more than a few feet away from Saul for most of the movie.

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The synopsis for Nemes’ new film, which doesn’t seem to employ the same style  – namely the 4:3 ration or the intense close-ups – as Son Of Saul, can be found below.

Set in Budapest in 1913, the film focuses on Irisz Leiter, a young woman who arrives in the Hungarian capital hoping to work at a legendary hat store previously owned by her late parents. When she is turned away, she sets on a search for a man who can reveal the truth about a lost past.

You can check out the full Sunset movie trailer below. We’ll have a review for you as soon as it plays at the fall movie festivals which we’ll be covering in full here on THN.