It has been wowing audiences in East London for 16 weeks now, and is it concludes, it has been revealed that Secret Cinema’s Blade Runner has taken a huge £4.8 million in box-office takings. Not bad for a movie that is over 35 years old.

The movie screened to over 70,000 film fans who were all fully immersed into the iconic world of Ridley Scott’s masterpiece. The film featured in the top 10 of the UK box office for 11 weeks having transformed Secret Cinema’s Canning Town warehouse into something that was unrecognisable from previous production of Moulin Rouge. Organisers also ran a bespoke community programme alongside the production that empowered young people in the borough.

Over the last 10 years, Secret Cinema has and continues to challenge the way people consume film with incredible results at the UK box office. It all began back in 2014 when 75,000 revisited Back To The Future, followed by a whopping 100,000 who travelled to a galaxy far, far away for The Empire Strikes Back a year later.

Just last year, Secret Cinema supported the UK launch of independent film The Handmaiden and contributed to a third of the films box office takings in the opening weekend.

Other productions have featured the likes of Dirty Dancing and 28 Days Later, but their next one is a trip back to the 1990s for Baz Luhrman’s interpretation of Romeo & Juliet. That one opens on August 8th.