Evita theatre review (UK Tour): The classic production returns for a new nationwide run, complete with a brand new cast.

Evita theatre review by Katey Thompson.

Evita theatre review
Evita theatre review

Evita is the well-known story of a women who rose from poverty, to be an actress and then to being the most prominent and powerful woman in Argentina, as the First Lady.

The story of Evita was turned into a hit musical by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber in 1978.

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The show opened with the death of Eva Peron being announced in cinema in 1952 Buenos Aires, followed by the funeral of Evita, somber, grand and formal event, as Che ( Glenn Carter) narrates the story as a bystander who comments on the stellar rise of Eva Duartes to Evita (Lucy O’Byrne) wife of Argentine President Juan Peron (Mike Sterling).

Evita is brilliantly performed by Lucy O’Byrne, whose appearance is transformed from a small town brunette to a blonde Santa Evita. Mike Sterling portrays Evita’s final lover, Peron, who with her help becomes president and the first lady of Argentina.

Evita theatre review
Evita theatre review

Eva’s story begins as she leaves her hometown of Junin after forcing a small-time tango singer Magaldi, who is charismatically depicted by Oscar Balmesalda, Eva heads to Buenos Aires where, she has a string of lovers and this is slickly portrayed with the song, ‘Goodnight and Thank you’. During this time Eva evolves as her ambition grows, she becomes a radio star and actress, finally meeting Peron at a benefit for those injured in an earthquake. Peron’s mistress (Christina Hoey) is kicked out of his residence as Evita moves in, the mistress responded with a moving rendition of ‘Another suitcase in another hall.’

The scenery is grand and opulent and the scenes are slick and quick changing along with the large cast present. The drama of Evita’s illustrious life unfolds and the musical is highly polished and moving. The whole auditorium was engaged with the show with a standing ovation finale.

This is a brilliant evening’s entertainment from start to finish. The new cast of actors have created an emotive, treat of a show that is very highly recommended.

Evita theatre review by Katey Thompson, July 2018.

Evita is running at the New Victoria Theatre in Woking until 21st July 2018.

Evita (UK Tour)