Mute and Moon filmmaker Duncan Jones has revealed that his next project will be an adaptation of the comic strip Rogue Trooper, which was part of the “2000 AD,” series created by Gerry Finley-Day and Dave Gibbons.

Jones revealed the news in a cryptic social post late last night.

Half hour later, he revealed all.

Here’s a little more about Rogue Trooper from the official 2000 AD website.

Nu-Earth – a poisoned planet ravaged by war. Across the battle-scarred landscape stalks a solitary figure, the last of his kind, the disembodied digital personalities of his dead comrades his only company.

He is the Rogue Trooper and his mission is simple – find and kill the traitor general who betrayed the Genetic Infantrymen.

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More on this as it comes in.