The first trailer for the upcoming British crime movie The Krays: Dead Man Walking has dropped online. The film will release on the home formats from September but this is your first look at the anticipated movie which gives you a different look at the infamous Kray twins.

In the film Josh Myers stars as Frank Mitchell, a prisoner sprunk from jail by the twins. The film is set over ten days in December 1966 when they put Mitchell in a safe house. It is there where they attempt to get him a release date secured, while at the same time sticking two fingers up to the law.

It’s the Krays, but a gritty, more realistic version,” writer/ director Richard John Taylor recently told The Hollywood News. “It’s not their traditional life story you’ve seen twice before with Tom Hardy [in Legend] and the Kemps [in the 1990 biopic The Krays].”

Myers stars opposite Rita Simons, Leslie Grantham, Janine Nerissa, Guy Henry, Chris Ellison and Charlie Woodward in the new movie, which is released in September. The film marks the feature debut of writer/director Richard John Taylor and was shot by Ali Farahani, who was Director of Photography on the recent Oscar-winning short film The Silent Child.

It is due on DVD in September. Here’s that first trailer.