How many times have you missed a new episode of your favorite TV-show on Netflix because of being abroad? It is a well-known fact that Netflix has quite a strict streaming policy in terms of your geographical location. Every country has its own version of the channel, which can’t be changed to any other one while being in the same region. So, those who live in the UK have access to Netflix UK and those who live in the USA, have access to Netflix US. Can it be changed somehow?

Of course, people have already tried tonnes of different methods on how to trick this technology and connect to that particular Netflix they want to at the moment. But none of those methods is effective enough, except one – a VPN. A VPN is the easiest, fastest, and most popular way on how to stream any Netflix you want from anywhere you are. How? Keep reading to get to know how to Unblock US Netflix Content Using a VPN and how to pick a service properly.

VPN for US Netflix Content

Why would you like to get access to US Netflix content while being in France or Poland? Content presented on the US version of the channel is the best one in the world. It has the biggest variety of TV-shows and movies from so many different years and seasons.

So, to stream Netflix US from other countries than America you need to install a VPN on the devices, which you’re going to watch it on. Pick a VPN, which has a note that it is suitable for Netflix streaming specifically. Why? Such VPNs have a wider variety of servers and higher speed for better Internet connection. Find the list of the top VPNs on as well as detailed information and directions on how to install and use them.

  • Since you got a VPN, open it, and log in.
  • Pick a server, which you want to connect to. In your case, it is any US server, as you want to stream US Netflix specifically.

A VPN provides you access not only to an American version of Netflix, but also to any other Netflix existed out there. So, you can switch from one server to another and from one version to another. By the way, a VPN is also an additional level of data privacy. So, have no doubt and get one right now.