Casinos are accommodations where people can get involved in a diversity of gambling activities. They are part of the gaming industry, which has been growing and developing new sources of entertainment with the constant introduction of many new technologies in the market. It would not be different with casinos and all the games that they can provide for the customers. Many people are always looking for the fun and entertainment offered by casinos, but imagine getting all of that in the comfort of home. With the arising of new technologies based on virtual reality, it is possible to make online games even more enjoyable, with all the devices available and ready to provide a very rich and realistic experience. It’s always good to look for more information before getting started on the new world of virtual reality casino slots, and it’s also worth spending a little time to check out for free virtual reality slot machines.

The experience provided by virtual reality can go beyond our expectations, creating fantastical environments that can exceed our physical dimension. For those who are not aware of what exactly are VR Slots, here is a brief explanation: they are games that can provide a virtual casino experience and there are many options available out there. There is a huge variety of exciting titles that you can expect to find at virtual reality casinos. Some of them are Starburst, Dracula, Jack and the Beanstalk, Miss Midas, and many other names. Games such as jackpot, poker, etc. are also among the immersive world that virtual casinos can supply. To experience these slots, the players can either download the software directly from the web to their personal computers or simply play them on their websites.

It’s important to have a good internet connection and make sure all the PC specs can handle the software or website requirements, but with that in hands, the player can start their search for the best VR Slots. In a game conference that happened last year, a slots developer known as NetEnt confirmed they’re working on a wide range of creative VR slots that can be offered at online casinos. A few titles include Microgaming’s Mega Moolah slot, Millionaire-maker Mega Fortune, VR Gonzo’s Quest and VR Jack and the Beanstalk, but there are many other great VR slots available on the wideness of the web, here goes some information on some of the best:

Microgaming’s Mega Moolah Slot

Developed by NetEnt, the game took its inspiration from wild Africa, with lions, and even featured Headhunters for trophies. With the creative and colourful decorations for the background, Mega Moolah became a very popular jackpot slot game on the internet.

Millionaire-Maker Mega Fortune

A millionaire-maker, also developed by NetEnt and wealth-themed slot game, show us a creative and relatively new option. It catches the player’s attention with the decoration composed of fancy boats, expensive cars, watches, planes and much more.

VR Gonzo’s Quest

On Gonzo’s Quest, the player has the opportunity to take part on the adventures of Gonzalo Pizzaro in search of a mythical city known as El Dorado. The game released in August 2017, themed as the Mesoamerican jungle and its ancient architecture brings the emotion and excitement of the exploration of a new world, and it is truly a unique experience to the player.

Casino VR Poker

This is a VR slot developed by Mega Particle, and it promises an exciting adventure through a virtual reality multiplayer poker game that is also available for Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR. First launched in 2016, the game quickly became one of the most popular apps in the VR world.

Slots Million-VR Casino

On the first virtual reality online casino for real money, the player can experience all the entertainment of the application with real money involved. Alea Gaming Ltd has developed the game, and for a complete virtual reality experience, the use of goggles is required, unless the player only wants the 3D on PC, then the equipment mentioned above is not necessary.

IGT’s Cleopatra

A slot developed by IGT, an abbreviation for International Game Technology. As the name suggests, the game is themed on the wealthy Egyptian queen Cleopatra, it has many references of the Egyptian culture and it promises a fascinating adventure through ancient Egypt.

VR Blackjack Bailey

This one is a casual casino blackjack game, in which the player will be able to experience all the features in virtual reality. Developed by Hologram Software LTD, the date of release was April 2017, so a relatively recent choice added to the showcase of options.

Big Hit Casinos 

This classic consists in a virtual slot machine that allows the player to experience all the emotions of a real-world casino. The developer Mavin Apps and Technologies launched the app in July 2017, and the player can download it directly on the smartphone, making the process even more practical and easier.

These are only a few of the best VR Slots, but there is an infinity of options available online. This is only the start of a new era for gambling, and it certainly seems like virtual reality slots came to stay.