Dinesh D’Souza has recently told reporters of his upcoming film that will likely compare current president Trump to one his much earlier predecessors, president Lincoln. D’Souza has even gone as far to have a poster made for the film that shows Trump morphing into Lincoln in a move that has aroused controversy in the United States.

The poster itself shows a United States flag, images of the Civil War and slavery, modern university riots, as well as the two presidents, with their faces combined into one. The poster further contains the name of D’Souza as the director, as well as Gerald R. Molen, and is advertised as amalgamation of two of Steven Spielberg’s most famous films: Jurassic Park and Schindler’s List.

D’Souza went on to explain that his film, “Death of a Nation” draws some comparisons between the two presidents and how they’ve performed in office, and how Trump hasn’t just spent all his time playing golf. He explains that he is not implying that they are the same two people, but that they have both fallen into the same circumstances. This is described by the fact that it’s the first time since 1865 that the Democratic Party has been so opposed to the outcome of an election.

D’Souza has admitted that his film and pro-Trump views might be viewed as suspicious by his audience, especially in light of the fact that the director was recently pardoned by the president. He pointed out that his idea for the poster and the imagery it contains was thought up before he was given the pardon, hoping to dissuade critics from believing that D’Souza created the project in hopes of showing Trump in a more positive manner to the general public.

His confinement was due to a number of straw donations that exceeded the legal limit for a campaign that he was managing for a friend, who at the time was running for the position of a senator in New York. D’Souza was caught by authorities, given a $30000 fine – which would have been considered a large sum if he’d been wagering and gotten value on NRL premiership odds, and was set to serve a probation period of five years. President Trump pardoned him before his probation was settled, and he was able to continue his projects freely.

Many feel that the punishment for D’Souza’s crime was overboard, and that the Obama administration was too hard on the director. They explain that this is because of the film, “Obama’s America” was too critical of the then-president, and that his department lashed out in an unfair way,

Obama’s America was one of the country’s most successful documentaries, second only to Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11. D’Souza’s other films have also done exceptionally well, and he’s become a beloved household name in many parts of the country.

His current upcoming film explores the link between Trump and Lincoln, and explores the roots and causes of racism and fascism in a society. The film is set to be released in August this year, and will be available on DVD and through streaming sites.