Summer Holiday theatre review: Ray Quinn leads a superb cast in this stage version of Cliff Richard’s 1960s musical movie.

Summer Holiday theatre review by Katey Thompson.

This is the musical version of the 1963 Cliff Richard film Summer Holiday. It is a gregarious production that does not disappoint. The curtain rises and the scene is that of a typical British summer, the lighting is skillfully used to show rain, sun and night, creating an atmosphere for a scene.

Ray Quinn (Don) was a good contrast to and worked well with the rest of his workmate engineers (Billy Roberts, Joe Goldie, and Rory Maguire).

The dancing in this production is non-stop, there is rarely a moment when anyone is standing still, and the cast is singing robustly throughout. The passion and skill of the cast are obvious from the opening scene until the final curtain call. The brilliant choreography is reflected in the diversity of each scene and for me, one of the most effective scenes was where the cast was skiing, the only accessories being roller shoes and ski poles.

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The performance was stunning, the choreography and the staging are vibrant – truly first class. The restored bus is convincing as it bowls along the roads of Europe and it has been incorporated in the show seamlessly.

This musical is an ebullient show full of the fun and excitement that being on a summer holiday brings. It is a great for all ages and a fantastic way to kickstart the holiday season.

Summer Holiday theatre review by Katey Thompson, May 2018.

Summer Holiday for you is running at the New Victoria Theatre in Woking until 26th May 2018.

Summer Holiday