Rob Fowler and Sharon Sexton are currently tearing up the West End stage in the phenomenal Bat Out Of Hell. The show is based on the music of Jim Steinman, best known for his work with Meatloaf; Steinman’s songs have cornered the rock opera market. The album Bat Out Of Hell was originally conceived as a musical, and just forty years later the show is bewitching audiences every night.

The story is set in Obsidian, a near-future wasteland where a clan of ‘mutants’, whom ‘freeze’ ageing at eighteen and are known as The Lost, are at war with tyrant Falco. The leader of The Lost, Strat, falls in love with Falco’s daughter Raven and all Hell breaks loose.

Rob Fowler and Sharon Sexton play Raven’s parents Falco and Sloane, and have some of the best scenes in the show. From the heart-breaking What Part of My Body Hurts the Most, to the frenetic fun of Paradise By the Dashboard Light, the dynamic duo are clearly having a blast every night. In the midst of their very busy schedules, the pair took the time to sit down for an in-depth chat with us about every aspect of the show. Watch it in its entirety below:

Bat Out Of Hell plays at the Dominion Theatre until 27th October 2018. Buy your tickets here