This is Elvis theatre review: Elvis is back in this engaging and hugely entertaining new touring musical!

This Is Elvis theatre review by Katey Thompson.

This Is Elvis theatre review

This Is Elvis theatre reviewThis is Elvis opens with the start of a show Elvis performed for NBC studios in December 1968, at a time when his singing career was thought to be over.  He had spent the previous 7 years shooting films and had not performed live in that time. However, during the course of this momentous appearance, Elvis proves that he is still the King, wowing the audience both in the States and now here in Woking.  The storyline follows his footsteps from actor back to his musical roots, showing his vulnerable side and how he gets swept along by his manager, bandmates, and to a lesser extent by his wife Priscilla.

Steve Michaels is a Canadian Elvis Impersonator with a vibrant and enthusiastic performance that has won many awards.  His appearance, manner and hip thrust convinced the audiences that Elvis really was in the building. He certainly looked the part and was able to belt out all the classics superbly. After the success of the NBC show, Elvis was signed up by his manager – Colonel Tom Parker to do a month in Las Vegas.  He has the added pressure of making his comeback while battling against the invasion of the British bands including the Beatles and Tom Jones.

This Is Elvis theatre review
This Is Elvis theatre review

In the second half, the audience is whisked to Elvis’s suite at International Hotel, to become the participants in the extravaganza that shows him accompanied by his two good friends (Mark Pearce and Reiven Gershon) taking the stage by storm. It is a contrast to the slow-burning first half and it ups the tempo to include barnstorming renditions of Viva Las Vegas, Suspicious Minds, and Jailhouse Rock.  A large part of his back catalogue is covered by slotting in a verse or two of particular songs, so nothing was missed out.

The musicians are brilliant and got the audience up out of their seats and dancing in the aisles.  The show is a very entertaining performance which was greatly enjoyed by the audience, right until Elvis left the building.  Despite not thinking I was a huge Elvis fan, this is a show that doesn’t disappoint and can be thoroughly recommended.

This Is Elvis theatre review by Katey Thompson, May 2018.

 This is Elvis is running at the New Victoria Theatre in Woking until 5th May 2018.

This Is Elvis