One of the break-out films of the year so far is Paramount Pictures’ A Quiet Place. The film, directed by and co-starring John Krasinski, has been getting rave reviews, pretty much across the board, and taken in a whopping $200 million-plus worldwide from a reported budget of just $17 million. More info on the A Quiet Place sequel below.

A Quiet Place sequel
A Quiet Place sequel is in the works at Paramount Pictures

A Quiet Place sequel in the works at Paramount

“We’re already working with these guys on a sequel,” studio chairman-CEO Jim Gianopulos said to The Hollywood Reporter.“If you told me five years ago that an almost silent film starring the very funny guy Jim from ‘The Office’ would have been a hit at Paramount, I would have said, ‘Well, I should go work at Paramount.’” 

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The film revolves around a family that is forced to live in silence while hiding from creatures that hunt by sound. Emily Blunt also stars alongside Krasinski in the feature, which is still playing in cinemas.

We gave the film the full five-stars in our review, saying:

“The sound of silence has never been more scary. Krasinski, who also plays the father alongside real life wife Blunt, anchors the story in familiar horror conventions and tropes: prolonging the moment when the monsters are fully revealed, the most innocent and every day objects becoming dangerous if not lethal, vulnerable characters in dire peril and coming physically close to their predators.  But he handles them with a precision and a confidence that gives them a completely new lease of life.  It’s as if the audience has never seen them before.  The tension mounts, the jump-in-your-seat moments come when you least expect them – as they should – and there’s the occasional red herring, just for good measure.”

There are no further details on the A Quiet Place sequel at the moment, but we’ll keep you updated.