Homeland is currently enjoying a season seven run both on Showtime Stateside and on Channel 4 in the UK, but it looks like the end of the road is about to come for the popular CIA drama.

The news comes via The Live Feed who say that lead actress and executive producer Claire Danes was quoted as saying on the Howard Stern radio show that “Yeah, that’s it,” in reference to the show coming to an end. Showtime has yet to officially confirm this – the trade adds that they not had made a decision beyond season eight – and there are rumours of a potential continuation beyond without Danes’ character of Carrie Mathison, though again, these are just rumours.

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Alex Gansa, the series showrunner, previously told THR that season eight would likely be his last year.

“It’s definitely going to be my last year,” he said ahead of the premiere of season seven. “I can’t speak for Claire or [co-star] Mandy [Patinkin], but it will be my final year and it will be designed to be the end of an eight-season story. If Showtime, Fox, Claire and Mandy want to take the show further, that’s their decision, and we would leave some room for that to happen — if there’s an appetite.”

Well, it looks like Danes is out, the actress telling Stern that she was really conflicted to leave. “I mean, I’ll be ready. She’s a lot, this Carrie-freakin’ Mathison character,” she said. “It’s a workout, so I’ll be ready for a reprieve from that.”

We’ll bring you more as we get it.