While not all of us have the skills or funds to be regulars at the casino, there’s something about gambling movies that interest us. Perhaps it’s the thrill of seeing someone win or lose big without having to worry about real-life repercussions, but Hollywood does a fabulous job of glamorizing the world of high-stakes games.

But what are the most exciting bets in on-screen history? Dating back to the 1930s, there have been some thrilling wins and tragic loses, which VegasSlotsOnline.com has compiled into an infographic.

Some of these tales are based on real-life situations, like the movie ‘21’ which follows the legacy of the MIT Blackjack Team, whose card counting skills won them $650,000 in a single evening. Other less believable movies like ‘What Happens in Vegas’ follow Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz playing two characters who drunkenly marry in Vegas, win $3 million with a single quarter and are then forced to stay together to keep the winnings.

One of the more extravagant stories is that of Mr. James Bond, who wins a cool $115 million in ‘Casino Royale’ after initially losing, but comes through as our biggest winner after being gifted another player’s chips. On the other side of the spectrum, the biggest loss on the infographic comes from 1936 film ‘The Sting’, where a gangster is tricked into losing $8.8 million dollars in today’s money on a single horse by a con man. Originally in the film, it’s documented as $500,000, however the value of that in today’s dollar gives us the 7-figure total, which is truly a gigantic loss.

Whether you’re a poker fanatic or a movie buff, there’s sure to be some fun facts on this infographic that you didn’t know before. Read on and decide for yourself which of these on-screen moments is the most memorable bet of all time.

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Infographic: The Biggest Bets on Screen