Technology and business are inseparable. Doesn’t matter which business field you are in, technology is there: in every structure, in every business field.

Technology in Business Is Irreplaceable

If you have a business or thinking of launching one, you must understand that without technology, you won`t move too far. Most likely, you won`t move at all. Business exists thanks to technology. All business walks are not only closely connected to technology, but they depend on technological achievements. At any stage, you deal with one or another technological achievement.

Your business may profit hugely from technology. The internet is the most evident example of technological advancement without which it is impossible to run a successful business. Logistics, which almost any business is impossible without, is built up on technological achievements. In Essay Bee, you can check more examples of how business and technology interact, but for now, let’s move to more specific examples.

Business Profits by Using Technology

There are many examples of how business is becoming more efficient and productive when it applies the newest technologies:

  • The car industry has advanced greatly by applying robots to perform standard procedures. People make mistakes, especially when they are tired or the work is monotonous. Robots can work day and night tirelessly, they just do what they are programmed for.
  • What about biometric time attendance system? Do you know how many employees are complaining about it? But for a business, this is one of the greatest inventions that allows tracking if an employee came in time if he or she hadn’t left the working place before the working day ended.
  • Inventory tracking was a huge problem for big retail stores. Now, the problem is solved: tracking isn’t done manually anymore. Now, it is done by information systems. Shops save money and time. Moreover, the accuracy level is incomparable with manual tracking.

Technology in Human Resource Management

Every business needs people. The bigger the business is, the more resources it requires to manage human resources. Now, for a while, just imagine how much money a big business is saving thanks to a computer, where the HR manager can keep all employees` data and track all changes in their positions.

Technology in Logistics

How would you plan logistics and delivery if there were no computers, electronic maps, and other means? How would you deliver your products if there were no vehicles? Without technology, you probably would never be able to produce anything or get an order from your client. It looks like logistics without technology would not exist.

Technology in Information Management

When you are running a business, you need to store a lot of information. In the past, you would use record books, registries, different paper documents. Well, even after CDs were invented, they still would pile up in your office and take space. Moreover, this is just unsafe, to keep information in your office. Now, different storage services are available. Some of them are in common use, while others are developed for businesses, such as SaaS, PaaS, clouds, etc. Such ways of storing information are much safer than an office and, no doubt, they are much more convenient.


Without such technological achievements as electronic wallets, electronic payment systems, and online banking, you would need to physically collect cash from your clients. Safety? With technology, payments became much safer. Reliability? You can track everything. There is no way you can lose information about your payments. Comfort? You can make all payments online, without leaving your office.


Business would be impossible without technology. Technology made it possible to manage a business of any kind and size. The more technological achievements you use, the more chances you have to optimize your business, increase its efficiency, productivity and make it a success.