Chandler Riggs at the Walker Stalker London Panel

Season eight part-two of The Walking Dead opened with the shocking death of Carl Grimes. Carl, the son of Rick, is a major player in the comics and his demise threw a massive curve-ball to the audience. Fans have been struggling to process their emotions over the loss of the one-eyed youngster and there was an air of sadness during Walker Stalker London where the actor who played Carl, Chandler Riggs, was in attendance.

On the Sunday afternoon, a panel was scheduled with Chandler and his two on-screen mothers, but that was just a ploy by the show organisers. The event was actually a memorial of sorts, giving fans, and Chandler, an opportunity to celebrate the short life of Carl Grimes, here are the highlights:

Chandler’s Favourite Moment on Set:

My favourite moment ever, through the entire series, is in season four when Rick and Carl are mowing down all the walkers at the prison. That was so much fun. That moment was so awesome, it was the night of my fourteenth birthday and we got to shoot all these machines guns – it was awesome.”

On Leaving the Show and Missing Out on the Comic Story-lines:

I was really excited too for the story-lines [from the comics] and to play them, the relationship with Negan was one I was really excited for. But ultimately in terms of for me and my career and my life, it’s definitely the best. I’ve loved my time on the show, but I’m so excited to do other things. I’ve already shot two movies and they were so much fun because they were so different to anything that I had done before. Being in the show was awesome, but I’m just so excited for what comes next.

Chandler Riggs at the Walker Stalker London Panel

On Carl’s Defining Moment:

I think for his character towards the end of his arc, the thing that really defined him was infiltrating the sanctuary and making the decision to not kill Negan. Seeing everyone at the Sanctuary and just being ‘well they’re all people’. I think that’s what really changed his mind, these were all people and they were the same as everyone else. I think that really brought out his humanitarian side.

His Favourite Episode to Film:

“Definitely 4:09, the infamous pudding episode. Just because I got a whole episode to myself where I got to delve into my character and show what he could do.”

On Not Being Afraid of Zombies Despite Being Only Ten When the Show Started:

“No. I was having a blast. I played all of the Left for Dead zombie video games, so being around zombies was the coolest thing ever. It was so awesome, definitely didn’t have nightmares.”

On Whether He’s Team Rick or Team Negan:

“This is actually a tough one…Team Negan. As Chandler, not Carl. I feel that he gets it more than Rick does right now. Negan is very brutal, but he’s fair. Sorry Andy.”

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