Like his movies, or loathe them – I’m somewhere in the middle – you have to agree that Steven Soderbergh is something of a pioneer in the movie and TV world. With his new film due out in cinemas next week – Unsane, a film shot entirely on an iPhone – word arrives from IndieWire that the filmmaker has already completed work on his next feature.

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Said film is titled High Flying Bird starring Moonlight actor André Holland, a movie which will also release later in 2018. The two-week shoot is reportedly now complete, and after just three hours, Soderbergh has reportedly finished his first cut. According to the outlet, Soderbergh wrapped filming on High Flying Bird on March 15 at 1:09 pm. By 3:41 pm on the same day, he already had a first cut of the drama ready to be seen. Wow.

He revealed his news on Twitter.

We imagine that the film was also shot on an iPhone with editing being constructed at the end of each day’s shoot.

High Flying Bird sees Holland as an NBA agent who tries to get his rookie client to accept a controversial business opportunity after a lockout temporarily shuts the league down, so adds IndieWire.

Unsane opens on March 23rd, with High Flying Bird set for later in the year. Soderbergh also has Planet Kill due for shooting later in the year too.

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