A Wrinkle In Time filmmaker Ava DuVernay has lined up her next project, New Gods over at DC Films. Variety reports the news that DuVernay is officially on board to direct the New Gods film, a feature version of the original 1971 comic-book, which was created and designed by Jack Kirby.

New Gods film
New Gods film in development at DC

DC Has some info on the story.

Billions of years ago, a cataclysm split the planet Urgrund in two, forming the twin planets of New Genesis, a sunlit utopia, and Apokolips, an industrialized wasteland. Their populations became known as the New Gods, the immortal denizens of the cosmos who existed outside the constraints of earthly time and space.

Things were far from peaceful for the New Gods of either planet and soon they found themselves consumed by war. The ruler of New Genesis, Highfather, eventually brokered peace with the ruler of Apokolips, Darkseid, by orchestrating an exchange of their sons. Highfather’s son, Scott Free, was given over to the torture pits of Apokolips, while Darkseid’s son, Orion, was released to the relative luxury of New Genesis.

The treaty lasted for a time, but sadly, Darkseid’s lust for power was not so easily sated. He used the respite of peace to bolster his forces and begin his hunt for the mythical Anti-Life Equation, a weapon that would give him the power not only to destroy New Genesis but to bend all life in the universe to his will. And after Scott Free escaped Apokolips alongside former Female Fury Big Barda to make a new home on Earth, there was nothing keeping Darkseid from mobilizing yet again.

Now Highfather’s forces, led by the fleet-footed Lightray and the rage-filled Orion, must clash with Apokolips’ Granny Goodness and her Female Furies, the relentless general Steppenwolf and his Parademons and the bloodthirsty Kalibak in a race to find the Anti-Life Equation before it falls into Darkseid’s hands.

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New Gods is just the latest in a long line of planned movies over at Warner Bros. Pictures in the DC Extended Universe. In the near future, we’ll see James Wan’s Aquaman, a sequel to Wonder Woman, once again directed by Patty Jenkins, and the in-production Shazam! 

Ava all but confirmed the project on her Twitter page.

A Wrinkle In Time is now on general release in North America and will open across the UK next week.