Richard Harmon & Eliza Taylor Appearing at The 100 Panel at Walker Stalker London

Though it’s due back on US screens on 24th April (with a UK date to be set), it seems like forever since The 100 was last on our screens. The series, about to venture into its fifth season, is a science-fiction fantasy that focuses on a group of young adults who are sent back down to Earth many years after a nuclear holocaust. Led by Clarke (Eliza Taylor), the group have fought their way through Grounders, bone-marrow harvesting, clan war, artificial realities, and more.

Much like Game of Thrones, the show isn’t afraid to kill off fan favourite characters, and keeps everyone on their toes. Appearing at London’s Walker Stalker Convention at the weekend, cast members Eliza Taylor, Richard Harmon and Sachin Sahel took to the stage to answer any questions that the fans had. These questions led to a very intriguing idea…

Richard Harmon, whom plays John Murphy on the show, had a very interesting theory on the relationship between Bellamy and Murphy. When asked by an audience member if Murphy had to kill anyone for what they have done to him, who would it be? he had a very controversial answer:

This is going to be unpopular – it’s unpopular for myself – but I really do believe that with everything that they’ve been through, and I don’t think that when it happens they’ll want it to happen, but Murphy or Bellamy has to kill one another. It’s not going to be a happy thing because I think they do really love each other at this point. But I feel like something has to drive them to a place where one has to kill the other. It’ll be something like helping them to the other side – like a pity / mercy kill, but one of us has got to do it. Either I’ll kill him, or he’ll kill me.

Of course we shouldn’t read too much into this as it’s a hypothetical answer, but it still makes for a compelling idea. One thing’s for certain, if this did pan out then there would be plenty of grief-stricken fans no matter which way it goes down.