Austin Nichols has been acting on our screens since his early twenties. Over the years he has appeared in a plethora of high profile films and television shows including Six Feet UnderOne Tree HillRay Donovan and The Day After Tomorrow. Most recently though you will have seen him as Sam Loomis in Bates Motel and as Alexandrian Spencer in The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead is currently one of the world’s most successful shows and although Nichols’ character may be dead, he has certainly not been forgotten by fans. Appearing this weekend at London’s Walker Stalker Convention, Austin happily posed for photos and signed autographs for fans of the zombie-centric series. We, The Hollywood News, were also lucky enough to squeeze in some time with Austin. During our chat we talked through his time as Spencer, his love of film, dying on screen, and what it’s like to act alongside Rihanna. Watch the interview in full below: